Spa's really do come in all shapes and sizes and are are trying their hardest to create the most unique selling point to potential customers.

It is with this in mind that there is a constant evolving of the Spa industry usually originating from Europe and the America's. The latest of interesting and unique concepts that I have come across stem from Europe and Aspen to be more precise. The Reme`de Spa Aspen.

Everything these days is about going green , being Eco-friendly , recycling etc. and rightly so , we need to do as much as possible to save our precious planet.The latest in these green movements is to source all ingredients whether in a Spa or restaurant locally and in so doing using the freshest ingredients , supporting local farmers and offering a truly fresh and unique experience.

So is born the 'Farm-to-massage-table' concept with locally sourced ingredients.

A treatment is anything but typical starting with catering to all the senses a client starts by choosing either a Savory or Sweet treatment Menu for the day for example a Savory option would be Cabernet-Neroli and Sweet would be Almond Biscotti.....{ you have me here }
The treatments are comprised of pre and post treatment treats that are in cohesion with the spa treatments corresponding to the savory or sweet treatment menu you have chosen and you will be delighted throughout the day.
 The grand finale being a slathering from head to toe in a yummy body butter application followed by the cake on top if you will ............. dessert is served.

After a day of pampering nibbbling and spoils your senses are aligned with what you have smelled , seen and sensed and you are ready to leave with a complimentary gift of a salt-scrub made fresh and just for you.

Bon Apetit !... aaaaaah I mean enjoy the pamper.