In New York there is  a Spa known as Shizuka Day Spa, now this particular Spa has a unique facial on their treatment Menu. This treatment is known as the Geisha Facial and is based on very unique , traditional and natural Japanese ingredients such as..... green tea , rice bran and many more well known favourites.

The Geisha facial is based on a very particular secret ingredient once only known to 'Geisha's' {hence the name} as well as kabukiactors.  What makes this so unique? Well it would be the inclusion of bird poop or if you prefer
' nightingale droppings' which are high in uric acid and guanine. This facial claims to soften , heal , cleanse and brighten the skin, it offers a healthy anti-ageing option to those who prefer to defer from medical aesthetics such as acid peels and botox.

This facial has been tried and tested by well know personalities such as Tom Cruise who is supposedly a regular of the bird poop facial, another celebrity in favor of the facial is none other than Jessica Simpson.

So there you have it, if in doubt try it for yourself?