Well last weekend I had the opportunity to accompany my mom to a wine tasting and cheese platter promo at Groot Constantia , now although I grew up in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs I have lived in the Northern Suburbs for almost 15years now and thus have forgotten the beauty of exploring Constantia.

Mom and I set off on this Midday adventure with some glee at having time to just escape reality , explore and enjoy a glass of wine at the same time.... fabulous darling!

As we enter the gorgeous Oak lined avenues a sense of calm and beauty prevailed with both of us expelling a sigh of pleasure.... there are so many shades of green and just a gentle swish of the breeze through the trees and the warmth of the sun easing our muscles as we exit our car and make our way to the beautiful Cape Dutch building set aside for tastings.

Upon entering we handed over the Groupon voucher { yes nothing like a bargain} and were issued our stickers for wine tasting and a cute prepacked cheese board with Local Cape Cheeses in a variety of Vintage Cheddar cheese,Cambert and Brie's as well as the biscuits to accompany.

With a choice of  5 wines to taste and two rather light weights as far drinking goes , there was much laughter and anticipation. Mom and I soon agreed on trying 1 white wine which was really fresh and fruity and I would definitely drink again , 1 Rose` which was rather disappointing after the white wine and left a really neutral pallet { not memorable at all} , 2 Reds { 1 being a blend } the first was rich and chocolatey and really rolled on the tongue , the second a little less heavy bodied but still with great berry accents and ending with the best of all ... a Port { yuuuhuummmy}. I would drink and purchase all the wines that I tasted again barring the Rose'.

All in all loads of fun was had , we left with the giggles and rather flushed cheeks just as a busload of  tourist entered.... narrow escape :)

Don't miss out the opportunity to grab a Groupon Voucher every now and then or even just to have a day out exploring our local Wine Estates ... thank you Groot Constantia for great service and a fun experience.