After a hectic day of sad and depressing government hospitals with a family friend we decided after 5 hours of waiting to have dinner at the Waterfront in Cape Town and after much rubber arm twisting I got the girls to agree to pop into a few of my favourite stores namely The Body Shop , Rain , Jo Malone and MAC.

With no idea what I wanted, but itching to try something new we proceeded firstly to The Body Shop , the store was empty and I soon saw one of the assistants and spotting the new Brazil Nut Range and Chocomania Range my companions and I soon sniffed and tried on some of the yummy products {i just love foodie smells} and so in my overjoyed state with the empty shop I requested permission to take a photo of 2 displays , the assistant kindly said yes..... in mid photo I was all but verbally accosted by a second sales assistant.. trying to explain I had requested and been given permission she ranted and proceeded to tell me what I can and can't do with regards to products and blogging... upon which a third sales person arrived and was told the whole story... she then said it was no problem and I could take the photo.....???????????

Me I walked out and left the shop angry , agitated and purchased nothing. I will struggle to look at the Body Shop in the same way again there are many other options and well I won't be visiting that store again for sure.

To appease my hurt feelings I walked right next door to another favourite brand called RAIN , their shop was beautifully kitted out with displays and products to die for , I shuffled past the customers { NOTE TO SELF: The shop was busy}and introduced myself to the lovely sales assistant Nosie, asked if I could take a few images of their displays , which I happily did. I then showed my partners in crime RAIN's ' bubbles on tap' foam baths and their ' awesome talc' with it's unique feather applicator and off we went again. 
I also got to see their fabulous baby's range currently in blue which Nosie explained they are busy doing trials on bringing out a dusky pink range for girls.....just too cute and absolutely gorgeous.

What a fabulous visit to a brand I love aligning myself with and will continue to do so .... you guys rock!

Watch this space for some awesome product shots and a review of my visit to Rain Products at the  V & A Waterfront Cape Town.