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The culprit’s responsible for sun damage are UVA and UVB Rays, they damage and alter the skins appearance.


Just a few weeks ago I was at an evening show at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town with a few friends, when a friend turned to me {also a beauty therapist} and in unison we said ‘did you see that?’ a fellow theatre going patron, had just walked past us was ‘as brown as a berry’ with a skin that looked like parched leather….. Rather reminiscent of the lady in the movie ‘There’s something about Mary’ yes you know the one.


Oh my goodness! Sun damage is truly irreversible and such a torturous death for a skin ….. Your skin is the largest living organ covering more than 1.5 to 2m2  and weighing in at approximately 4kg! How could anyone willingly turn a beautiful breathing living skin into a piece of leathery dry parchment?

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