There has been a skin care revolution on the go for the past ten years, which has truly resulted in mind blowing technology and product research.

This in turn has catapulted the already flourishing beauty industry into a whole new Millennia and a far more advanced and technological approach to delivery of active ingredients into the skin or ‘Dermis’ (living layer of the skin).
One of the latest buzzes in the search for eternal youth has been the addition of Stem Cells into cosmetics. Now the first argument that usually surfaces is ‘surely it’s not human stem cells?’ and whilst I am sure there are cosmetics out there with human stem cells, they are not what I am about to discuss.
Why Stem Cells?
As of around 35years of age our stem cells start slowing down and stop functioning properly , this results in ageing and lifeless skin. Stem cells are the cells in the body that are able to continuously regenerate,....

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